on vaca

March 16, 2005

i suppose i’m on vacation right now, but it feels a little weird. this is probably because josh is working, and i’m not. however, i’m going to get over the guilt because — hellllloo — a week of responsibility-free vacation doesn’t happen so often, and i’m starting *for real* in lab after that so i’m probably never going to feel this free again for like 5 years.

boston was a lot of girl-licious fun. i got to see high school friends AND college friends, and i did a lot of (somewhat impractical) shopping. but aren’t these jeans and this dress fabulous?

other than shop, the main things i did in boston were:

1. walk around in very cold weather
2. eat: italian, thai, tapas (twice). yum.

it was lovely, overall. but i really missed josh on this trip. from now on, none of this ‘girls-only’ business. maybe for a day, but not 4. call me dependent, but, well, maybe i am. there are worse addictions . . .

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