i am not charlotte simmons

April 8, 2005

no, i haven’t ‘quit’, nor am i ‘too busy’ to post anything.

i just didn’t feeeeel like it. that’s enough of a reason, right?

miami was lovely, as always. i admit: i welcome any excuse to go there (and there have been many over the last several months, with josh’s 2 siblings getting married off and all). the bachelorette celebration was just lively enough (highlight: pole dancing to sir-mix-a-lot’s i like big butts) and obviously i didn’t go too crazy, because i did indeed fit my 12-mile run in the next day.

and now, it’s off to new york for a wedding. i swear, i did go to lab in the 3 days in between — and i don’t always plan on flitting about the globe while feigning ‘serious research’. i mean, i do want to graduate some day. i think.

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