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April 21, 2005

we had some sort of motivational-meeting type for the mcat ‘team’ tonight with a speaker from the actual kaplan headquarters in nyc. he was all dressed up in a suit, and i couldn’t help think that it was as if he was comin’ all the way down to lil’ ol’ durham to meet with the po’ country folk (ie, the teachers & lowly old local administration). but he was nice, and a very engaging speaker, and i have to admit that his talk went much faster than the THREE science lectures i attended today (yes, i spent roughly 5 hours today sitting on my ass listening to other people speak. because i am the uberstudent!).

i got good ratings from my mcat kids, which makes me very happy. i liked my class. they didn’t even start to hate me when i botched physics, and that means a lot. the mcat was april 16th — just as i was rounding that 13th mile in charlottesville, they were all probably burrowed deeply into section 1: physical sciences. i did think of them as i gasped for air, realizing that even though i was red-faced and panting, i was probably having much more fun than they were. i have to admit it seems so long ago that i was hunched over in a stuffy high school classroom attempting to drudge through problems with physics and NMR and methyl-ethyl-blahblahblah.

man, i feel old.

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