the waiting game

May 30, 2005

i’m waiting for my transformed cells [this means: i put a little piece of DNA into these specially porous bacterial cells, and i’m hoping for the cells to take up that little piece so i can amplify it] to multiply so that i can spread them out on plates and then wait, yet again, for colonies to form so that i can test them out. sometimes it’s frustrating how much waiting is involved in anything scientific. you have to wait for cells to grow, for treatments to work, and for things to mix together, heat up, cool down — ad nauseum.

the only way to be truly efficient is to plan things perfectly so that you can be using your waiting time to do something else — but unfortunately i haven’t mastered this art yet. i either end up:

a) completely frazzled, trying to do 3 things i set up at once, and freaking out because both things require me to be doing something different at the exact same time (if human cloning were possible, i’d be in decent shape . . . but i’m not sure the lab is big enough for 2 of me)

b) waiting with nothing to do, because i was afraid of scenario a).

today i went for b). as you might have guessed.

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on a girlier note, i think it’s time to go shoe shopping again! a dsw has opened nearby (cue hallelujah chorus) and i have a $25 gift card that is burning a hole in my wallet. specifically, i want a pair of black 3″ or so sandals to go with my black bridesmaid’s dress that i’ll be wearing in june to josh’s sister’s wedding. i want these shoes to be both extremely cute and somewhat comfortable, so that may pose a challenge. i also want a new pair of wedge-type sandals to wear with capris and skirts and things, because my old ones look like they’re been through a monster-truck rally.

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