weekend washout

May 2, 2005

so with my newfound work ethic, i’ve had no time to post on this frivolous little blog. just kidding. although i did have quite an action packed weekend:

saturday i puttered around the house for several hours (doing what, i have no idea) and eventually went to lab, because i’m trying desperately to construct a virus and i’m having issues with my plasmid taking up a piece of cDNA. i also wanted to avoid working on my take-home test (due monday AM — obviously the cell signaling people wanted our weekend to be ruined). then i went for a run, and josh and i got vietnamese. i attempted to work on the aforementioned test, but instead passed out in curry-and-noodle-induced coma. mmmmmmm.

sunday i:

– went to lab
– went on an 18-mile run (yes, really)
– went back to lab
– opened a new kaplan class (welcome and congratulations, kaplan is the best, you’re all going to get 45s, blah blah)
– completed most of sucky take-home test (DURING desperate housewives! fortunately, josh taped it. because he is the best.)
– passed out during grey’s anatomy

what’s missing? oh, right — all the FUN. i mean, yes, 18 miles of running is sort of fun in a self-punishing way, but this weekend was just sad in terms of pure unadulturated enjoyment. no movie-watching, no human interaction other than with josh and equally pathetic lab-mates, and no sleeping in. i will not allow this to happen next weekend. it is unacceptable. that is all.


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