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June 28, 2005

it’s hard to return sometimes. i feel like i should have something really spectacular to say to make up for all the silence, or at least some really interesting excuses as to why i didn’t feel like writing for a few days (ok, weeks).

spectacular things i have to say:

1) it’s fun being engaged and all, but wedding planning is no picnic

2) we might know where the wedding is going to be held! but because it’s not final, i will have to unveil (veil! get it? actually not that funny b/c i have decided i don’t want to wear one) the location at a later time

3) i have not yet transformed into bridezilla, but i’m not promising that i won’t

4) the wedding/vacation in miami was a blast despite the daily thunderstorms

excuses, excuses:

1) kaplan is sucking the life out of me a little bit right now. not because i’m disliking it, but just in pure quantity. at least i’m raking in the dough.

2) i’m really tired and would love another nap right now (even though i took a 40 minute one after lunch).

3) things are sort of moving along in lab. and i’m actually managing to educate myself a little bit, rather than just blindly experimenting on things. this is a good step, i think.

4) i haven’t even had the time to watch ANY trash tv in weeks! (true mark of feeling over-committed).

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the ten commandments: obviously, i was so ahead of my time back in
september. i think i’m okay with the supreme court’s recent decisions — but i fear what could happen if certain more liberal justices retire and get replaced with empty-headed bush-ites. we’re living on borrowed time . . .

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