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July 19, 2005

i forgot to mention that i went wedding dress shopping this past saturday. nothing too crazy — my sister and i just went to 2 stores that were fairly local (raleigh) and i tried on maybe 10 dresses, total. nothing jumped out at me as ‘the‘ dress, unfortunately, but i did like a couple that i tried on. i’m just wondering — how long do i make attempts to find ‘the‘ dress before giving up and realizing that ‘the‘ dress may not exist, at least in my price range? (readers with experience, i’d love some guidance here.)

also, i know this is a total wedding taboo, but i showed them to josh, too. whatever: i really want him to love whatever i’m wearing, and i have learned from past experience that we don’t always share views on what is fabulously fashionable and what is not — for example, what i thought was a perfectly harmless (and cute) paisley j. crew bikini was met with vomit-like sounds when i showed him the catalog. seriously, how often do males vomit when you show them pictures of scantily clad j. crew models? how many of them would even NOTICE the pattern on the bathing suit? exactly. and i don’t want to get vomit on my wedding gown.

wedding dresses, by the way, are super-flattering. much more so than bikinis. for me, they cover everything i sort of dislike (but at this point, have accepted) about my body, and they show off the good parts (i’ll leave this to the imagination).

ok, i’m supposed to be doing work here. is the fact that i’d rather blog than read science articles suggesting something ominous about my current career path? oh well.

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