July 14, 2005

i spent all day yesterday feeling down, not for any specific reason, but just because of the accident in general. i couldn’t pinpoint what was making me feel crappy and upset, and i still can’t quite explain it — i just did. i talked to josh’s sister’s husband (who is a lawyer and has lots of accident experience) and he made me feel a little bit better (and justified), saying that any accident, no matter how small or large, is somewhat traumatic, and it makes sense that i was feeling upset/general uneasiness/etc.

i went to kaplan, watched the current (departing) trainer do a ‘refresher’ on a new teacher, and basically came home wanting to do nothing but hibernate. i spent most of the evening reading an embarrassingly crappy novel while lying in bed, although i emerged to eat some delivered pizza (the ultimate luxury) while watching the real world episode i missed yesterday. that melinda is a complete ho-bag.

ok, my 15-minute DNAse incubation is complete (don’t ask). gotta run . . .


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