it could have been (much) worse

July 13, 2005

so i got into a car accident last night. don’t worry, everyone involved is totally okay, so really anything else i say about it is just unimportant surrounding detail, but i feel the need to spill anyway. the more i spend thinking about what happened, the less chance for it to happen again, right?

i was on my way to kaplan (and i really, really didn’t want to go — which sort of adds insult to auto-injury) and i got hit from behind. i’m not going to go into details or ‘fault’ here, partly because i’m still not sure what happened. um, and also because this is a public forum and god knows who might be looking it up. although if some insurance or legal person is creative enough to search for me online and finds this, i would be fairly impressed.

anyway, after the incident, we pulled off into a lot (both cars are still driveable, but theirs is completely smashed in the front) and waited for the police. everything proceeded as you would expect, except that one of the passengers, who had been walking around clearly in NO distress whatsoever decided that his ‘neck hurt real bad!!’. he had the policeman call an ambulance but once the EMT came over and said, ‘you know, it’s unlikely that you would sustain such an injury from this sort of collision’ (because EVERYONE there knew what was going on!), the guy decided to stop faking it and said, ‘ok, uhh i’ll just get it looked at later.’ NOW i know where all those fake neurology patients come from! it was actually educational seeing this happen from the other side.

anyway, when all was said and done:

– i’m okay
– everyone else is okay
– and that’s really what’s important.

okay, off to lab in my slightly disheveled car. and yes, i will drive carefully.


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