long-lost twins

July 2, 2005

it’s true, doctorsquared and i have an uncanny number of things in common. how many 3rd-year (4th, really) md/phd students do YOU know who teach kaplan, have annoying dental issues, attended small liberal arts colleges starting with the letter w, have relationships with soon-to-be or current surgery interns, and write about it all in their blogs? we also both run (d-squared just started and doesn’t seem to love it yet, but maybe she will someday), were born on pennsylvania, and have younger sisters (they don’t sound terribly alike, however).

d-squared is amazing in that she remembers much, MUCH more about our common experiences than i do! we interviewed together at u. chicago (where i almost went!) and also had fun (on government money!) at the university of pittsburgh second look weekend. but on my own, i couldn’t come up with more than that. she is amazing and remembers not only that we interviewed with some guy named zach morris (how awesome is that?) but that he was a rhodes scholar. i am very, very impressed.

my other long-lost twin vickie and i also share many unusual qualities: both cheerleaders in high school as well as hard-core violinists, both 5’1″, both neuroscience concentrators and bio majors at williams, and both now in med school. i highly doubt i’m going to become a pathologist, howeve,r although stranger things have happened.

finally, there’s rebecca – who actually DOES share half DNA with me (my sister, duh). we don’t have such crazy similarities. aside from lack of height, weird-colored hair, and lately a suckiness about updating our blogs, the similarities pretty much end. well, there are more actually, but they’re of the genetic type, not the personality/circumstantial stuff. for example, rebecca actually has a real job and speaks french. je ne peux pas parler francais (i don’t even know if that’s right).

ok, off to an outdoor music festival with my non-twin. i’m excited!

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