my psyche, on crack

August 25, 2005

so usually my dreams are very . . uh, transparent. as in: it’ll be the day before a big test, and i’ll dream about taking a scary big test. yeah. however, last night (my first night this year alone at home while josh was on call, i might add) i dreamt that i no longer had eyebrows.

apparently, i looked super horror-show weird, because people were wincing and stuff when i uncovered my forehead. at first, i wasn’t sure why they (the eyebrows) were missing, but i then ‘remembered’ (in my dream) that i had been high on some drug and decided it made sense to shave them off. so it was my own damn fault. all i can remember after that is crying a lot with my hand over my head, and plotting about how i would draw them back in with brown pencil.

i woke up and had to touch to make sure they were really there.

don’t worry, they were.

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