September 27, 2005

why is it that there are weeks where everything seems doable, even enjoyable, and that there are weeks (like this one) where everything seems (and therefore is) impossible?

i’m tired. i spent last week in hypermode, getting up early, getting things done. maybe i’m suffering the consequences. i’m having *this* sort of conversation in my head:

inner voice 1: get UP, bitch! stop your whining! you can do this — your schedule is perfectly reasonable.

inner voice 2: but i don’t want to. and i’m tired. maybe working full time in lab, teaching kaplan, training for marathons, and maintaining some semblence of order in the house is just an impossible dream . . .?

1: but residents work EIGHTY hours a week. look at michelle, for god’s sake. you don’t see her complaining —

2: what the hell? she’s been whining nonstop ever since she had that kid. why she thought it was a good time to have one in the first place, i don’t know —

1: hello, there IS no good time. you try waiting until your ovaries dry up and rot, and see where you’ll be. besides, you don’t HAVE a kid.

2: not yet.

1: thank god.

2: which side was i on again?

1: i forget. you know, a nap sounds really good right now. you in?

2: hell yeah. let’s do it.

life would be much better if every month should had one week of mandatory vacation. i would use mine right now.


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