September 1, 2005

this week’s been a bit rough. 2 reasons:

1. i’m not used to josh being gone on call

2. i’m SO IN NEED OF A WEEKEND, A REAL ACTUAL WEEKEND, where no one comes to visit me, and where i don’t go to visit anyone else (or attend some annoying ethics retreat). fortunately, there is one lurking only 2 days away! it’s even theoretically a 3-dayer, but i don’t really plan on observing ‘labor day’ or whatever.

weekends. they’re the best! i’m not saying that i need to sit around and do nothing. in fact, i have an 18-mile run planned for saturday (if i survive it) and i need to go to lab to finish some things up that day, too. but just having the OPTION of slacking — it’s very necessary. being able to do life-maintenance sorts of things, like laundry and grocery shopping — necessary as well.

in other news, can i just say that $40 for filling up the tank in my VW golf — somewhat ridiculous? i can’t complain though — there are so many that are much, much worse off.

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