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September 30, 2005

i could get on here and rant about the random annoyances that have been occurring with alarming frequency over the last few days. but that would be so mid-twenties-angsty-blogger-cliche, so i won’t. also, the truth is that none of them really matter, and the stories are actually good cocktail party banter (if you go to the kind of non-elegant cocktail parties that i attend, such as the infamous Lab Happy Hour.)

so yeah. it’s been an interesting week. josh has been working more than i thought was humanly possible, and as a result i have been wondering why doctors put up with having such ridiculous jobs. i know, rewarding, humanistic, yada yada, but still: i can not live without sleep. to figure out what’s keeping him from throwing in the towel (not really, he actually loves it), i tried to think back to the noble reasons i had when applying to med school. this is all i could come up with:

(picture me, but younger, sitting in a chair with a thought bubble suspended over my head . . .)

– steady job promised in the long term! i’ll never be unemployed! (remember, i graduated in 2002, which was after the enormous bubble burst and spewed crap all over my fellow graduates. where did those class of ’99-00 $80,000-starting salary consulting jobs GO, anyway?)

– probably some decent $. doctors may not be *rich*, but they’re not usually POOR, right? uhh, i think?

– going to medical school sounds impressive. more impressive than ‘moved back home with her parents in a fit of indecision and despair’, anyway.

– there is no way i spent a year trying to do organic chemistry for NOTHING

– the real world seems so . . . nebulous

– ooh, an excuse to be a nerdy academic for many more years

yeah. good thing i didn’t put that stuff in my essay.


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