life in 2 dimensions

October 5, 2005

some small victories:

1. no cavities! and even though i still suck at flossing (ie: i rarely do it), they said my gums looked better. i’ve been brushing them more and for longer — maybe that helped. or maybe my dentist just issues diagnoses based on how many new vacations he wants to take. (i take that back. actually, my dentist is very nice and i would recommend him to anyone. um, email me if you want his name).

2. less than 7 weeks to go until my marathon (#2)! ok, not a victory in itself, but i’m getting excited. and finishing 2 out of the 3 scheduled 20 mile runs can be considered a victory, in my opinion (the last one is yet to come . . .).

3. lab is heating up! i randomly happened to find that this inhibitor that i randomly decided to try does some very cool (and potentially publishable!) things. however, it’s not all a bed of roses (see below for details)

the flip side:

1. my gums really hurt right now. and i think i might be bacteremic. i’m probably going to get endocarditis from all this (no known history of rheumatic fever, but you know that’s just a RISK factor). strep viridans, right? see, i still remember something from medical school!

2. i really really really want to sleep in this weekend but i can’t. running is great, running is exciting, but it would be AWESOME to sleep past 6 am once in a while (although i really shoudn’t complain about this. seeing as josh sleeps 5 hours per night max and has to be at hospital by 4:30. yep, that’s right. but at least only for 1.5 more weeks).

3. lab politics. so i’m working with this post-doc and i really like him — he has lots of ideas and is obviously very good at this game they call science. but we definitely have different working styles. anyone could tell that from one quick look at our benches (mine: pristine. his: uh, is there a bench under that pile of . . . science paraphrenalia?). i tend to really like doing ONE thing at a time (something that was problematic when i was in the hospital, but which i heartily embrace now that i’m on my own) but sometimes i feel like he thinks i’m slacking/forgetting about some side project when i’m really just trying to wrap up the loose ends of something else i’m working on. well, whatever.

so yeah. that’s it. see you on the flip side (i just wanted to say that).


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