my soundtrack would be even better than garden state

October 11, 2005

so i’ve started wearing my iPod around lab. i can’t decide whether to be proud of myself for mastering the many techniques that i repeat OVER and OVER again enough to rock out during the process, or whether to be disturbed that what i do is so tedious sometimes that i need some tunes blasting in my ear to get through it. either way, the iPod is greatly enhancing my lab experience these days.

sometimes i get the sense that what i’m hearing is just a soundtrack to the movie that i’m starring in, but then i realize that even with a fabulous musical backdrop, no one would pay to sit and watch me do cell culture for 3 hours in a row. my life-movie, even if edited by an expert, would be incredibly boring. and REPETITIVE, let me tell you.

i’m not complaining, though. didn’t i say that i liked routine? i still do. i feel adventurous just putting my music on shuffle. cuh-rayziness.

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