October 10, 2005

so no, i didn’t run the half marathon on saturday. i didn’t want to, i hate rain and mud, and i really wasn’t *supposed* to be running a half on saturday, because i had 17 miles to run on sunday (which i did, carb-fueled by the durham BeerFest). special apologies to jon, who is having a very bad day today. somehow i feel just the tiniest bit responsible. well, not really. but jon, chin up! take it slow. work up to what you can do, what you want to do. and if you need a running break, go for it. i bet you’ll come back ready to go come spring.

anyway. so on a very different note, dude, i am dressed SO badly today. for someone who spend a lot of time critiquing the outfits of others, i am really quite a crappy dresser. i just realized that while my t-shirt and shoes are black, my belt is brown. and rather last-season, too.

i need to go shopping again. i need someone to TEACH me to go shopping, actually. i always come home with, like, 2 crazy things, and then i wear those things, but my core wardrobe never gets any nicer. the number of ripped things in my closet are still in rotation is . . . shameful. hello, i’m 25! i’m poor, but not that poor. i need pants that fit me (why is this so hard!?), sweaters that don’t fall apart, and nothing that needs to be dry cleaned. damn it.

i kind of wish i stayed home all day wrapped in a blanket watching girly movies.

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