clearing it all up

December 26, 2005

no, my father is not the mayor of erie. but it would have been an even better comeback if he was!

my new best friend: the beautiful garmin gps running device that my parents gave me for chrismukkah. so that i can take my running to new levels of anal-lity (is that a word)? i mean, when i want to run 5 miles, i don’t want it to simply be ‘5ish’, which could be, like 4.93 or 5.04; it has to be exactly 5.00.

(no one is allowed to remind me about the imperfections of the device itself: as far as i am concerned it is a running GOD. the ultimate authority. and non-believers can just shove it).

off to eat lamb and ham and other crazy meat items at our almost-becoming-a-tradition christmas feast.

coming soon: new years resolution-o-palooza. because i’m not ashamed to say that i love them.

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