a day in the life

December 6, 2005

and you want to know why i don’t have anything to write about?

12.5.2005: more details than necessary

6:00 phone-alarm goes off
6:05 wake up from dangerous snooze on bed with now-silent phone in hand
6:10 make coffee. make oatmeal.
6:15 consume above things and sit around for awhile reading other people’s blogs and nytimes online because i am too lazy/cold to go out and get the newspaper
6:45 put new laundry in dryer and put new sheets on guest bed (for v and s who are coming next week)
6:55 change into running clothes
7:05 drive to gym
7:10 run 7 miles rather leisurely while reading someone’s abandoned december in style. admire 2-dimensional shoes and bags way out of price range and models way out of height range.
8:15 drive back home
8:25 shower
8:30 find clothes to wear,
8:40 throw hair on top of head, brush teeth
8:50 make lunch to bring to work
8:55 drive to work
9:05 arrive at desk
9:15 check email, print out a j. endocrinology article someone sent me, sign up for cell culture hood time, eat a nature valley granola bar (yes, i can multitask)
9:30 protein assay of membrane-prep lysates, various scientific and non-scientific banter with other lab members
11:00 sit in cell culture hood and go through boring protocol to zap cells in order to knock down my gene-of-interest-du-jour, feed some other cells
12:30 feed self (with some frozen pad thai and baby carrots – pretty tasty) while reading gofugyourself.com and other various scholarly websites
1:00 redo protein assay because the first one sucked
2:30 redo protein assay AGAIN to include more samples because some of them were too low (damn membrane preps)
4:00 prep lysates for gel loading tomorrow (uh, was supposed to be today, but didn’t plan to have to run protein assay THREE times)
5:00 leave to drop off rental car at enterprise (see below)
5:20 go with nice enterprise person to pick up car from stupid volkswagen (broken fuel injector, but still under warranty . . . for ONE MORE MONTH)
5:45 drive ‘fixed’ vw to kaplan (get caught in giant traffic jam on the way)
6:10 arrive at kaplan way too early. eat apple and leftover pretzels found in bag (whew)
6:30 teach abbreviated kaplan makeup session
7:30 leave for home
7:45 home! heat up last night’s dinner: sloppy joes made with fake-meat soy protein that josh dislikes, because whole foods was out of ground turkey. leftover salad. blue tortilla chips. je suis gourmande.
8:10 clean up after sloppy joe feast
8:30 fold laundry
8:50 eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream while finalizing plans for spring marathon (nashville, or then again possibly now new jersey).
9:00 involuntarily watch part of some football game in philadelphia. feel bad for poor football players in snow until realization that they make more $ in one game than i do in a year. or 3.
9:20 watch 2 episodes of scrubs season 2 dvd
10:15 fall asleep on couch
10:55 transfer to bed
10:56 sleep

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