just chillax, man

December 16, 2005

as someone who loves new years resolutions, i’ve of course been thinking about what needs to change in 2006. 2005 was a big year: i conquered the 26.2 mile distance AND my fear/loathing of dental floss. well, i got engaged, too, but i’m not talking about major life events here, i’m talking about resolutions. anyway. i haven’t drawn up an entire list for ’06 yet, but i have determined that #1 is going to be to stop rushing around like a rat on cocaine (and yes, i have personal experience with rats-as-substance abusers.)

i’m a fast person. unfortunately, i’m not a fast runner or a particularly fast learner, but my inner cadence is set at a higher-than-normal rate. i move kind of jerkily and without much natural grace. i break things a lot (my phone, my computer, various pieces of dishware, and even occasionally my car). i’m always in a rush, to start things, finish things, buy things, etc. i have trouble sitting through long movies or scientific talks. i talk fast. my kaplan classes run short (don’t tell my boss).

so my main goal for the coming year is to slow. it. down. in lab, on the roads, in the classroom, and even while washing dishes. i think this will benefit my lab performance AND my general quality of life. it’s not FUN to be rushing about all the time. and it’s so, like, last season.


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