December 18, 2005

i don’t think i’m stupid. or at least, i didn’t until last night, when we watched syriana. i’m sad to say (and rather ashamed to admit) that i had absolutely NO clue as to what was going on pretty much from the opening to the credicts. some might think it was because i wasn’t paying close enough attention, but believe you me, i was REALLY trying. i didn’t even fall asleep ONCE (major accomplishment for 2 hour movie, if you’re me).

i mean, i get that there were some big bad texan people involved in oil. i got that there were poor struggling people working overseas who were terribly overworked/underpaid/underappreciated. i got that there were muslim religious movements going on (although i couldn’t figure out what this had to do with the rest of the story). i sort of got that there was some sort of cia, uhh, stuff going down. but that’s as deep as it gets.

i would like to blame it on the movie, but no, i think it’s me. and don’t any commenter DARE to explain everything for me, because that will just corroborate the fact that i’m stupid (did i even use that word right? corroborate? now i’m even beginning to doubt my blogging capabilities).

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in other news, my laptop died and i really want this. should i?


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