iPod “recalibration”

January 14, 2006

so, as i may or may not have mentioned, my iPod had recently fallen ill. it no longer would turn on, kept making a clicky noise, and periodicaly displayed a very sad graphic of a frowning iPod with the service website written below it. yesterday, i was dismayed to find out that connecting it to my new iBook was not an effective cure for its issues, as the computer wouldn’t even recognize it. i was even MORE dismayed to find out that iPod repair, if your unit is out of warranty, costs $249 — um, that’s what i PAID for it inthe first places, assholes. anyway.

so i started browsing for alternative cures, and i came across a website that actually instructed me to try banging it against a desk. ‘at my own risk’, but at that point, what was i really risking?

so i banged it. rather hard.

and it worked!

the moral of this boring story is that i am very lucky. as one of my new years resolutions was to donate to charity each month, i will pick one tonight and do it, because if my life is good enough to be bitching and moaning about a broken iPod, i should be doing something good for the rest of the world.

the end.


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