mac attack

January 11, 2006

i just bought my first computer today! well, not my first computer, but the first one purchased with my own money. in college, i had a big fat gateway with 4 GB — i ran out of space as soon i figured out how to steal mp3s (i have since reformed and don’t do that anymore, but back then i was young and dumb and i’m not even sure it was illegal yet). in med school, i got my computer for free as an mstp student — thank you, government, at least you’re good for something! unfortunately, that broke-ass dell laptop is now basically a paperweight. actually, it’s not that bad, but the screen is broken. we may convert it to be our ‘house’ computer.

(although i want us to get an iMac.)

today was MWSF, which to me meant nothing until a few weeks ago. a conversation between me and the lab tech guy, december 2005:

me: my laptop is broken
tech guy: yes, it is. get a new one.
me: macs are pretty. ooh, look, the iBook matches my iPod!
tech guy: (swoons). i looooooove macs. but you can’t buy one until MacWorldSanFrancisco. the keynote is on january 10th, you have to wait to see what they unveil! don’t give in!

today’s conversation:
tech guy: (panting) did you see it!?!??
me: (nonchalantly, attempting to hide fact that was following keynote on for the last 30 minutes)yeah. they unveiled a $2000 intel monster (the MacBook). $2000! i don’t have $2000. i’m buying an iBook.
tech guy: fine, but you’re giving in.
me: some of us don’t have REAL jobs, you know.

ooh i so want my iBook. i can’t wait to write new, lovely inspired blogs on it. once i figure out how to turn it on, i mean.

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