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January 22, 2006

yes, that would be from ‘hazy shade of winter’, which is a song i loved when i was younger. the bangles version, though, not the real simon and garfunkel one — cut me a break, though, it was the ’80s. and the bangles. anyway. this is a slightly less ridiculous weekend than the last. i spent saturday rushing around like a maniac, but today is more reasonable (no kaplan! only a tiny bit of lab! only a 12 mile run!).

i’ve been thinking about time, lately. despite my blathering on about how my #1 goal for the year is to slow down and try to live in each moment, i’ve really SUCKED at this. i’ve been rushing on weekdays and weekends, always stressing about the next thing i need to do. right now, even, as i type this, i have half my mental energy devoted to worrying about the dirty dishes in the sink, another 20% devoted to the unfolded laundry in the dryer, 20% worried about getting ready for my run, and only 10% sitting here typing and thinking. [editor’s note: and that’s why your blogs are so boring and poorly written!].

heh, what if i did have an editor? that would be awesome.

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