more things you probably never wanted to know about me

February 6, 2006

but which i will now tell you about anyway

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1. assistant camp counselor at a day camp for little main line* princes and princesses (well, i went there too, but my sister and i were definitely exceptions). i always had the 5 year olds. and i loved it. 5 year olds are awesome, incredibly cute and (usually) old enough to follow instructions. it used to amaze me how much personality was already present in a given 5 year old. i got paid about $400 for 6 weeks of (full-time) work, and i was thrilled about it.

2. video store employee. $5.50/hr, a huge improvement. ‘hello, and welcome to videoplex! how can i serve you today?’ was how i was supposed to answer the phone, but i wasn’t a fan. i was very good, however, at putting away videos efficiently. the only unfortunate aspect about this job was the fact that sometimes, people would rent porn, and this was very embarrassing, especially if i could figure out that it was a parent of someone i knew at school. i won the ‘who can sell the most titanic videos?’ contest, but i went to college and they never gave me the prize. bastards.

3. temp at the aramark corporation in philadelphia. this sucked, because it was incredibly boring. i was paid ($12/hr now, i’m rolling in dough!) to basically sit around and be there for odd jobs. it was the year 1999 and apparently there was a big market for just looking busy and filling space in office buildings. i did have one ‘job’ for part of the time that involved calling schools, offices, and jails with this questionaire:

me: hello, i’m calling from the aramark STAR deployment team! i’m here to ask you some questions about the installation of your new Y2K-friendly computer system!

them: oh, i’m so glad that you called! we can’t get it to work at all, it keeps crashing, it won’t even turn ON half the time —

me: oh, you’ll have to call our tech team. i’m just here to ask questions about how the installation went.

them: (#*$&(*@&#(@*#

me: i’m sorry about your terrible experience. thank you for answering my survey!

4. kaplan instructor, and then teacher trainer. pay rate: i’m not telling, but not enough. and, as you are probably well aware, i quit (at least for now). 2 more classes left (tuesday and thursday!)

Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

1. clueless. i have it memorized.

2. bring it on. (sorry).

3. magnolia. all 3.5 hours of it.

4. waiting for guffman.

Four Places I’ve Lived

good thing it didn’t ask for 5, because i’ve only lived in 4.

1. age 0 to 2.5 years (maybe 3?) –> center city, philadelphia. i don’t remember this house, but photographic evidence shows that my favorite activity was pulling my father’s low-shelf records off of said shelf and onto the floor. and smiling impishly.

2. age 2.5 – 18 years –> havertown, pa. there’s something very traditional and honest about havertown. it’s an old-fashioned suburb with a lot of blue-collar mixed in with the white. our high school mascot was a ford (for haverford FORDS, get it?). yeah.

3. age 18 – 22 years –> williamstown, mass. cold, tiny, swanky, academic, and cold. but a lot of fun.

4. age 22 – present –> durham, nc. possibly my favorite of these 4, but that might be the love-colored glasses talking. but really: definitely an underrated place to live.

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

i actually have been watching barely any tv lately at all, mostly because kaplan ate my life. but since i’m getting it back again:

1. desperate housewives (ok, so i’m a year behind. i’ll catch up)

2. gray’s anatomy (also, 6 months behind. but i’ve heard that not much changed)

3. scrubs (i love the dvds)

4. 6 feet under (we just started watching the dvds, and so far i love it!)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1. : the brilliant and beautiful chick who inspired this survey

2. : michelle, the pediatrician-turned-anesthesiology resident with a very cute baby. though she pisses me off regularly, i can’t stop reading it

3. : the best celebrity clothing gossip

4. : vickie’s incredibly entertaining blog. though she hasn’t updated in way too long, and she has no excuse, because apparently she never has to do any work ever.

Four Places where I’ve Been on Vacation

1. miami — we go there all the time, because josh’s family is all there. i love it and hope it becomes ‘place i have lived’ #5.

2. philadelphia — to visit my family. favorite excursion: to rita’s water ice, and suburban square (to shop and eat peace of pizza (peace because they have a slightly annoying groovy/hippie thing, but the pizza is fabulous))

3. seattle

4. san francisco

Four of My Favorite Foods

1. pizza

2. chocolate

3. peanut butter

4. ice cream

i would put coffee, but i don’t think it counts as a food.

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now

nowhere. i am sitting at my beautiful computer in my cozy dining room with the space heater blasting warm air on me. i couldn’t be more content at the moment. but now i have to go to work. and i would rather stay here!

* main line = snotty half-jewish/half-waspy area in the suburbs of philadelphia. i did not live on the main line (though as a teenager, i wished i did) but in a less fancy suburb nearby, which was probably good for me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

in other news, there might be fungus growing in my cell culture incubator. it smells weird. last night i dreamed that all my cells were contaminated with huge amounts of white fuzz. if i go in and this turns out to be true, i will cry, just like i did in my dream.


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