my lovely lady lumps

February 17, 2006

ok, that title has nothing to do with this entry, which i stole (as usual) from lovely but whateva.

I Work: better at some times than others (like now)

I Talk: quickly

I Wish: i could take a nap now without feeling guilty about it

I Enjoy: many things, from coffee in the morning to falling asleep in my bed at night

I Look: younger than i am (i think)

I’m Sure I’ll Find: the secret to dexamethasone-induced diabetes someday!

I Smell: bleach. i think someone poured some down the drain behind me.

I Listen: to G105 in my car. and i’m not afraid to admit that i sing along to everything from the black eyed peas (i’m gonna make-make-make you scream!) to beyonce (come over and check up on it!).

I Hide: under the covers during thunderstorms

I Pray: on chocolate

I Walk: around the lab all day long

I Write: blog entries when i should be doing work (well, sometimes)

I See: a bright blue sky, tons of trees, and a lab notebook waiting to be updated

I Sing: like christina aguilera. (in my mind.)

I Laugh: quite frequently

I Love that I Can: read magazines while running on the treadmill

I Watch:ed just half an episode of 6 feet under on dvd before falling dead asleep last night

I Learn: very slowly sometimes

I Dream: transparently

I Want: to feel relaxed more of the time

I Cry: when i’m frustrated, angry, or just sad

I Burn: plastic (well, last saturday i did)

I Read: more on the computer than off of it (sadly)

I Love: josh, my family (including his side), and my friends

I Sometimes: feel like staying home and doing absolutely nothing

I Touch: josh’s hair after he cuts it

I Hurt: whenever i bend my knees (fading injuries from last weekend’s road rash)

I Fear: global warming

I Hope: my insulin secretion assay works tomorrow

I Break: everything, unfortunately

I Eat: lots of snacks

I Quit: pretending i could handle lab, the rest-of-my-life, and kaplan!

I Bathe: for at least 20 minutes every time (in the shower — does anyone actually *bathe* anymore?)

I Drink: coffee, water, soy milk, and wine

I Save: (hoard) cute little notebooks

I Hug: tightly, when i mean it.

I Meditate: when i run. sort of.

I Play: well with others

I Miss: cold springs coffee

I Hold: the world record for Least Accomplished on Friday, February 17 2006

I Forgive: only sometimes

I Drive: better than i used to

I Have: very cold hands

I Don’t: really want to come to lab tomorrow. but i have to.

I Made: salmon with mushroom & parmesan grits last night. and broccoli.

I Kiss: and tell

I Believe: in the children of the future . . .

I Owe: my sister pizza (she bought me a burrito!)

I Feel: tired!

I Know: that these answers were pretty lackluster. however, i’m going to publish them anyway.


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