sometimes, life is just kind

February 8, 2006

pay per hour of ‘prep work’ for kaplan: $7

compensation for a full MCAT class session, plus Q & A time before and after: $70

arriving at the center on the night of the duke/unc game thinking that you’re going to have to teach 3 hours of verbal (which you’ve already taught 3,352 times) to a bunch of annoyed/bored/superior-acting/snarky duke pre-meds, but then finding out that it was a mistake and someone else is there to teach the class instead?


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– my islet experiment worked (islets are from real rat pancreas and painstakingly isolated by a gifted woman in our lab. they are hard to get, and if you mess up with them, you just wasted tons of her time, and the life of several rats)
– my western worked and showed what i wanted it to show!
– my cells do not have fungus!

i can only hope this trend continues.

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