and so it ends (begins?)

March 25, 2006

i met with my PI (research mentor) this morning. with my heart beating much faster than usual, i entered his office and just . . . said it. i tried to emphasize my changing career/family goals (and not my newfound lack-of-excitement about science in general) and —

he understood. in fact, he was as nice and understanding as he could be. he said he would be sad to see me go, but that he knew where i was coming from. and i think he actually did: his wife, an md/phd, works part-time as a physician. and they have 4 kids.

i’m getting used to announcing my choice. “i will be leaving the md/phd program and going back to med school” is a phrase that’s now come out of my mouth (or out of my keyboard) multiple times now, and i know it will need to be repeated many more in the near future.

one of these days, i’ll get used to it.


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