March 29, 2006

. . . with emphasis on the ‘inert’ part. i can’t even get my act together right now to write a coherent post, so i won’t, but here are some scattered updates.

career shift: i met with the dean today. i completely forgive her for not answering my email because a) i’m not sure she actually read it and b) she was very nice and understanding. both she and my boss are such good peeps. seriously. now i just have to do 8 million little bureaucratic things to make the switch official. but not now. too lazy.

obligations: i suppose i ought to finish things up in lab. i mean, i want to. although i kind of want to forget it all, too. no, but really, i’ll go back and do a few experiments, wrap things up all neat and pretty. i can’t just be a housewife until graduation . . . or can i?

and also: i’m getting married in TWO MONTHS. ohmygod.

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