return from the desert

March 1, 2006

i don’t know if i mentioned that i was leaving, but i just returned from a long and rather intense scientific meeting in taos, new mexico. it was my first big meeting, and my first trip to the southwest. i am proud to say:

* i didn’t fall asleep in a single talk, even though i attended over 30 of them and —
* i didn’t even really ever get bored, except when a speaker’s accent was so thick i couldn’t understand them (although i can’t complain much as a sadly monolingual american)
* i learned quite a bit about the hot areas in insulin secretion today
* i took copious notes (that’s how i stayed so awake!)
* i ate buffalo (josh says it’s really bison — is ther a difference?)
* i saw tumbleweed!
* i went skiing and didn’t fall once (ok, i stuck to green circles, but still)
* i ran 8 miles at altitude and survived

and now i’m home, and avoiding lab. i am ‘working on my prelim’. well, i will be in a minute. or twenty. really, i just need a break from even thinking about science and from seeing the same people i saw day in and day out for the last week. and, i need to do my laundry. and breathe the nice, moist, oxygen-rich air.

i missed josh, a lot. i missed my iBook and my freshly brewed coffee and even my long run.
i sort of missed lab. but not too much.

and i’m happy to be home.


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