i saw the sign

April 20, 2006

i will be attending josh’s 10-year reunion this weekend. and yes, that would be his college reunion. never mind that i haven’t hit the 10-year high school milestone yet. normally, i don’t notice any sort of age gap between us. i will admit that when we started dating, i was really nervous about it — i mean, ‘almost 28′ sounded practically prehistoric to l’il ol’ fresh-out-of-undergrad me.

and now here i am, just 2 years away from the mythical ‘almost 28’. seriously, is there a way to slow this passage-of-time thing down?

anyway. the age gap is about to widen again as his duke friends reminisce about the happenin’ mid-nineties music that they savored during their college years. top 3 hits of 1994, according to some random website i googled:

1. The Sign, Ace Of Base
2. I Swear, All-4-One
3. I’ll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men).

. . . all 3 of which i associate with middle school dances and bar mitzvahs. oh ace of base, what happened to you?

i also learned this morning that josh experienced typing class in junior high ON A TYPEWRITER. i learned on a 486 IBM ‘clone’ running mavis beacon teaches typing, complete with this game where you were driving by typing and every time you messed up a fly stuck to your windshield. and i took keyboarding class, not moldy old TYPING. i wish i still had the driving game today. do kids even have to learn typing anymore? or do they just kind of pick it up, since they are bathed in microchips from early on? are they just born fully ready for texting, grabbing at their first blackberry fresh from the womb?

now i feel old. but not ‘class of ’96!’ old. this weekend will be fun.


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