tact ain’t her thing

April 14, 2006

today in lab . . .

me: [droning on about red tape i am dealing with regarding a master’s degree] . . . and dude, i can’t believe they’re making me deal with all this!

tactless friend: yeah, it sounds crazy. you know, you should talk to [this other girl]. she also left the md/phd from the pharm department. i don’t know if she got a master’s or not, but she would be a good resource.

me: oh, good idea. so you know her? i guess she was in your class.

tactless friend: yeah. you know, she was such an intense, strong student. everyone was SO shocked when she left the program.

me: well, i mean i even surprised myself when i left the program, so it wouldn’t surprise me about anyone else anymore.

tactless friend: yeah, but SHE was like, really good. i mean, no one would have thought that she couldn’t, you know, cut it.

me: [slightly stung] well . . .i have to do my cell culture now.


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