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April 11, 2006

damn it. i just wrote a rather eloquent sentence about how i need to stop wallowing in the chaos that has become my life, but it got erased. whatever. the thing is, i need to find the zone of productivity again. remember when i was studying for the boards?

but then again, blog-research reveals that i am viewing my studying through rose-colored glasses. maybe things haven’t changed much at all.

wow, upon perusing the entries from those days, i realize that

a) i used to write really long entries
b) i think i used to be less boring (but just as whiny)
c) i really should force myself to write something every day.

ha. well, and some things haven’t changed: i still have a color coded calendar with things to do each day (turquoise: lab stuff, purple: writing, red: running, pink: miscellaneous obligations). and i am still unable to keep up with said calendar and i am still totally stressed out by that fact. oh well.

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