May 18, 2006

from doctorsquared (of course):

seven things i plan to do before i die:

1. get married (this will be an easy one!)
2. raise 3 children
3. settle into a fulfilling, rewarding, and engaging career
4. write a book
5. go to iceland, japan, and australia
6. qualify for and run the boston marathon (not as super-high priority as the other things on this list, but it would be nice)
7. find the meaning of life (or my own version of it)

seven things i can do:

1. make fantastic muffins (like the chocolate banana ones i baked yesterday)
2. type very quickly
3. sing
4. stay focused on one thing for a long time
5. read magazines, watch tv, and listen to my iPod, all while running on the treadmill
6. prioritize
7. wake up early and be functional

seven things i can’t do:

1. navigate my way anywhere without preplanned directions
2. anatomy
3. see without my contacts
4. live without my morning coffee
5. a pull-up (maybe someday)
6. tame my crazy hair
7. stay up late and be functional (yes, i’m looking for a residency with night float.)

seven things that attract me to people:
(ie, how i knew i would marry josh after like a month of dating him)

1. chemistry
2. value of family (and no, i don’t mean ‘family values’)
3. ability to understand me
4. just generally finding them fascinating
5. beautiful eyes
6. taste in music/movies/food
7. the way i feel when we are lying next to each other

seven things i say most:

1. “dude, . . .”
2. “FUCK!”
3. “i’m so nervous about . . .”
4. “where ARE we?”
5. “that is so nast!” (ok, not as much anymore, but i used to)
6. “sorry, my phone wasn’t on/charged/anywhere in the vicinity”
7. “let’s go, we’re late!”

seven celebrity crushes

1. alton brown
2. matt damon (nice choice, doctorsquared)
3. nick lachey
4. jesse metcalfe
5. david sedaris
6. ben folds
7. scarlett johanssen

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