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June 19, 2006

goings on:

we threw a hawaiian (ok, maybe just ‘tropical’ is more accurate) dinner.
our menu:

* sparkling tropical sangria (champagne, white wine, mango nectar, mangoes, limes, and starfruit)
* macadamia nut flower honey wine from volcano, HI
* an australian pink cabernet, which was lovely (credit: d. and a.)

* pinepple/shrimp delicacies
* coconut crepes with lime and mint chicken (or some permutation of those things — credit: s. and j.)

* arugula salad with mango, pineapple, jicama, avocado, and macadamia nuts, with macadamia nut oil vinaigrette (credit: emeril, of all people)

* grilled cuban pork (credit: cooks illustrated)
* seafood luau plate (credit: duke’s waikiki)

* tropical fruit salad with assorted sorbets (credit: r. and haagen daz)

i know, we should open a restaurant, right? someday.

i bought fiona apple tickets.
i have always wanted to see her in concert and now i will. unless i am on call. actually, who are we kidding? i’ll make sure i’m not, or i’ll switch it or whatever. i’m a 4th year, no one will die if i am not there on any given night. well, someone could die, i guess, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with my absence.

i am really almost sort of kind of pretty definitely sure that i am going to go into psychiatry.
at least, i am today. i loved dr. iZL’s description of the reactions people tend to have when you tell them that. heh.

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