skin is our largest organ.

August 26, 2006

i think i tend to prefer smaller organs, such as the pituitary or thyroid, or even better, the microscopic molecules they secrete.

anyway, welcome to dermatology! i don’t know why my updates have been so sparse. i need them not to be, because i like writing in this thing, like the record it leaves me with, and like when people occasionally give me sage advice/encouragement/constructive criticism/ego inflation. it’s nice.

plus, i have lots of interesting experiences these days, having been thrown into the eczematous world of dermatology over the last week. so far, the derm rotation to me feels like . . . a tepid bath. not offensive, not painful, but not really all that pleasurable or exciting, either. the residents treat us med students (me + three other 4th-years, none of whom are going into derm — sorry) as people they have to teach because it’s part of their job, and not much more. we are not even significant enough to be annoying, so they’re not mean to us, but it’s not the most welcoming environment, either. i get the feeling that they think we are either

a) too dumb to realize that we should have chosen dermatology, because it’s OBVIOUSLY the best paid and easiest field of medicine (fine, along with rad/onc)

b) too dumb to obtain a residency spot in dermatology, so we had to choose remedial-level specialties such as pediatrics or medicine.


c) both a) and b).

but they’re wrong. it’s actually

d) i just don’t want to die of boredom looking at moles and eczema all day long. plus, too many skin conditions are just disgusting.

i have more stories to share, including:

– my running triumphs and future goals
– the poblano pepper incident
– a rapturous description of why weekends are THE BEST THINGS EVER

but i will save them for later. this way, i may be inclined to write more than once per lunar cycle.

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