day 2

October 18, 2006

wow. i know i can do better than that. how could the ‘i’m freeeeeeee’ afterglow have been so short-lived? pathetic!

i think just figured out the problem, though — i hadn’t EMBRACED my unproductivity. i was just wallowing in the fact that i wasn’t getting anything done, and this is totally ridiculous. i am hereby giving myself permission to get nothing of substance done until the end of the week. i will run, finish reading my pediatric endocrine book for fun (!), lie around watching movies if i feel like it, tie up odds and ends, and generally enjoy myself.

yesterday’s fine accomplishments
cleaning the bathroom
finishing the laundry
making pumpkin/tomato/black bean soup which was delicious
nearly getting food poisoning from some absolutely disgusting scallions (which we ate before we realized they really did NOT smell the way they were supposed to)
1 teacher observation at kaplan
longish run while reading US weekly (8:57/mi pace, and i didn’t even finish the magazine!)

plans for the day
declaring my freedom (check)
even longer-ish run while reading ELLE
looking for cute brown shoes to wear with suit
reading about adrenal disorders
watching america’s next top model!

i have decided i am not allowed to be bored anymore. so yeah.

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