dry spell

October 9, 2006

i know, i don’t post, i’m boring, blah blah. i can’t imagine how i manage to feel as busy as i do when i work a MAXIMUM of 40 hours per week. actually, i can. it’s because i have a somewhat compulsive need to feel busy and will schedule myself full even when i’m supposed to be all lazy and enjoying it, for pete’s sake. currently, my schedule is full because of marathon training, kaplan, and an intensive tv watching schedule. i know, it’s so hard to be a fourth year med student. cry for me, ok?

and it’s about to get even easier. i just dropped my november radiology rotation (too taxing) in favor of a month off to study for step 2. while i am mourning the end of my pediatric endocrinology days (really, i am — i still love it!), the idea of waking up when i feel like it sounds just divine. and i kind of like full-time studying. it will bring me back to those days of step 1, or better yet, first year of medical school. ahh, the memories. the exams. the overnight cramming. the beautiful colorful pens. this switch does mean that i will be doing radiology (or something equally leisurely) in april. i realized that by taking april off, i would have created a dangerously long vacation in which i was destined only to get extremely bored and antsy. this way, things are better distributed. i like it.

and speaking of leisure, i am currently on a nice leisurely lunch break, sitting in the rather decrepid student lounge on a couch which is so far past its prime that instead of sitting on it, i am basically sitting in it.

but i’m lounging, and lunching, and so i really can’t complain.


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