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October 15, 2006

i have not had it this easy since kindergarten, and i will not have it this easy again until retirement, or maybe ever. i’m serious. i am off from now until november 13th, on half-time from then until december 9th, then off again until february 5th. then, a taxing month of radiology, a month of classroom time, and a month in the ER. and then i’m done until whenever residency starts in late june.

sadly, at that time, i will begin the hardest part of my life.

i wish i could stash these weeks away and distribute them throughout my residency. unfortunately, this is impossible, so instead i will at least record them indelibly via this blog so that i can take a walk down idleness-lane when october 2007 hits and i forget what it was like to have TIME like this and a life (sort of) outside the hospital.

goals for the next 8 months
(this list is not in order — #9, for example, is slightly more important than #6. i guess.)

1. study for and take step 2

2. interview and secure pediatrics residency. {due to some recent events which i will go into later, i think this may only involve 2 interviews, one 5 minutes from my house and another 20 minutes away. hooray for another 4-6 years in north carolina!!}

3. train well and run well in the miami marathon, january 28th

4. keep the house clean and experiment with lots of recipes. perhaps stock the freezer with 1,095 dinners for two to take us through my residency.

5. start learning from spanish (and maybe go to honduras to attempt to speak some . . . we’ll see).

6. watch every episode of america’s next top model, grey’s anatomy, desperate housewives and entourage.

7. get 8 hours of sleep whenever possible (which should be most of the time).

8. throw some fabulous dinner parties (maybe fabulous budget-conscious dinner parties. but still fabulous.)

9. get our house ready for selling, sell it, and find a new one.

10. relax and enjoy the freedom because (as i’ve mentioned before), it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. if i have to go back to this blog as an overworked, overtired, underappreciated intern and read that i was BORED in my copious free time, i will cry. i am going to love this unproductivity if it takes every ounce of strength that i’ve got.

ok, off to watch desperate housewives while folding laundry. see, i’m succeeding already!!

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