just in time

November 9, 2006

i think i’m finally bored of sitting home and studying. i am ready for some real-world action! starting on monday, i get a taste of the part-time lifestyle with afternoon clinic four days/week.

(if you are a residency program director, don’t read this next part!!) . . . but . . .

i think i’m going to love it. in fact, i think i would love working part-time forever. and after my residency and fellowship, i’m going to try to make it a reality. to make work just HALF of what takes up my days seems like . . . the perfect balance, really. when our (currently nonexistent) kids are grown, maybe i will consider working full-time; however, i could also see putting those extra hours into some completely unrelated project (volunteering, teaching, or doing something i can’t even imagine right now).

maybe i’m selfish. maybe i’m a bad future doctor when i cringe hearing things like ‘the patients always come first’. yes, i want them to come first WHEN I AM ON CALL, but i want to love my life too. it’s not like i’m going to be able to look back and say, “next time around i’ll live the way I want.” so yeah.

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