November 8, 2006

i haven’t written much lately. somehow, i managed to turn my vacation time into a busy experience, because i really just can’t help myself. however, i have to admit i am rather enjoying it. i have been:

– sitting around reading First Aid and Boards and Wards and doing QBank (thanks, kaplan!)
– running many miles per week (this week = 69)
– actually keeping the house clean and in order (mostly)
– cooking really good dinners from this month’s obnoxiously chipper every day with rachael ray magazine.
– meeting ALL of my ambitious tv-watching goals

this month, i also went to the dentist (no cavities!), student health (lovely cholesterol, no anemia, and a clean cervical bill o’ health!), and the eye doctor (my “backup” glasses are going to cost $300!). oh yeah — and i interviewed! wearing my hot new suit (and hot new shoes), i dazzled UNC with my commitment to pediatrics and general, um, hotness. actually, they seemed rather nonplussed, but i’m hoping that they were just trying to maintain an impartial appearance. i mean, if they had broken out into a recruitment song-and-dance number just for me, how would the other applicants have felt? (i’m kidding, here. i really am not a narcissist).

i suppose it’s fine to publicly announce here that i really, really want to stay in the area. i’m not sure i really care which program that ends up being – there are positives and negatives to both and i feel that i will emerge well-trained either way. also, i’m pretty sure that i won’t announce my choice on this blog, so you can take whatever i say with a grain of salt. my duke interview is on friday. i’m excited.

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