January 2, 2007

although i feel like the first post of the year should be really high quality and earthshattering, i have very little to report. my champagne consumption as of late has been impressive, but so far there have been no hangovers in 2007. i guess i’ll try to keep it that way.

i spent much of today baking pumpkin bread and lovingly packaging it up to send to some deserving MBs. it was a lovely start to the year. the only bad part was that i underestimated the amount of batter needed to form five little loaves and as a result, there was zero extra for me to bake up and sample. i don’t really mind, but it would have been nice to taste it to make sure that i didn’t use salt instead of sugar or something distastrous. it smelled pretty good, though, so i’ll just hope for the best.

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