miami edition

January 23, 2007

it’s 38 degrees in durham right now, according to the pop-up accuweather icon on my mac. fortunately, i am in miami where it is 72, heading up to the low-80s by mid-day. this makes me happy, which is good, because i’ve been in somewhat of a funk (understatement) ever since i injured my stupid foot. 3 weeks ago, i ran a 68-mile training week. 2 weeks and 2 days ago, i ran that last fateful 16 miler. and in the seemingly vast stretch of time between that sunday and today, i haven’t run more than 30 seconds. i really haven’t made much progress at all in my recovery, physically. however, i think my mind is moving forward. maybe the sun has some therapeutic qualities.

i’m finally getting used to NOT running every day. i’m even sort of used to hobbling around with an ankle brace on. i’m not quite used to waking up to painful steps when i get out of bed, but i’m sure that will come. i am no longer convinced that i am going to gain 10 lbs overnight (fortunately, my hunger level has naturally decreased with my activity). i am thankful, rather than spiteful, that i can still work out using the bike, and i am planning to take advantage of the non-running time to work on strength training and yoga. i no longer expect to wake up cured one day, but am expecting a slow, long-haul recovery that could possibly be measured in the scale of months. and, amazingly, i’m okay with that.

it’s okay that the marathon will take place this sunday without me. in fact, if my marathon days are over, i’m *almost* okay with that, too. i do really, really, REALLY want to run again, but i think i could settle for half-marathons instead. and if i never run boston, well — at least i won’t know what i’m missing.

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