January 13, 2007

yeah, so i tried to run (after much buildup of excitement!) and lasted exactly 0.06 miles before realizing that my foot hurt like hell with every step and was definitely NOT ready for the big time today. since a marathon is about 26.14 miles farther than that and is just 15 days away, i’m a little bit doubtful of whether i really will be able to do it, despite the sunny predictions of Dr. Duke Sports Medicine. upon immediately stopping (at least i learned something!), i initially started cursing up a storm (at least once out loud — oh well) and crying in the gym, but i am now being a little more rational. my mantra, perspective, right?

– all that really matters is that i will be able to run again EVENTUALLY . . .
– and, it is unlikely that i am permanently damaged (if i am, then i reserve the right to be really, REALLY upset)
– one race doesn’t really matter — hello, i almost survived the pfitzinger 70 mpw training program! that is an accomplishment in itself!
– i have already run 3 marathons, and it’s not like doing another NOW is really going to have some huge impact in my life
– i had wanted to get into cross-training anyway, and this will force me to have to do it. it’s not like i will really get out of shape if i continue to do things like spinning and biking and aquajogging (yes, i really might have to try this)

am i totally jealous of everyone i saw running at the gym today? yes.

but does it really make sense to allow myself to be completely DEVASTATED by a temporary impairment? NO.

i am, however, slightly annoyed that the sports med doctor was so incredibly positive and allowed me to go home thinking that i was home free and would have no problem with my upcoming race. i know (from experience) that it is much more fun to give patients really good news than news with qualifications (like, “IF you are lucky enough to not have pain this week, then you can resume running on your foot but don’t get TOO excited yet”). oh well.

in other news, i saw dreamgirls last night. my summary: jennifer hudson is a badass, and beyonce is HOT. and the movie was fun to watch. i recommend.

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