no pressure

January 15, 2007

= total breakdown of motivation. i just figured this out. like, if i know that if i don’t clean the bathroom, then i’m stuck not having time to do it for a whole week, then i’ll do it. if (say, as in right now) i have so much excess time that i could scrub every square centimeter many times over, then i’ll be lying on the couch, watching crap tv.

i miss being busy.

also, i need to clarify something from that last post. the aforementioned ‘kids and names’ refer to kids who exist now only in the sense that half of their genetic material is hanging out in Prophase I of meiosis nestled somewhere inside of my ovaries. i like to plan, and therefore i am PLANNING on two girls and one boy, born in 2010, 2012, and 2014. i suppose i’m flexible about the order, but i think the boy should be in the middle.

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