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January 2, 2007

i have to give the brilliant lee from 26.2 wtf? for being my techological guru (diva?) and teaching me her secrets, namely that photobucket makes a much better photo hosting site than blogger. oops, not so secret anymore. well, i don’t think she’ll mind.

i’m on week six jillion of vacation and i’m totally sick of it. i really, truly, actually WANT to go to work. someone give me an assignment, a command! i’m a med student! what am i supposed to do with myself if i’m not being ordered around by my superiors???

for serious, i need to find something better to do with my time than the beauty and the geek marathon i just watched. although josh and cher were very cute, and their names are the same as the main characters in clueless, too, which makes them even better. i’m glad they won.

i actually vaguely know the guy who won season 1 (chuck munyon) as he was a williams grad just one class ahead of me. i didn’t think he was that geeky, but i think he was a math major. that must count for something. plus, at williams, it’s all relative.

i’ll stop rambling now. see? i can’t even maintain focus in my BLOG. you should see what’s going on in my actual LIFE.


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