things currently bringing me down:

April 18, 2007

(both large and small)

1. mass killings? again? this is so horrible and sad. although sometimes i wonder why things like this don’t happen more. there are so many disturbed people out there . . .

2. my power has been out since monday.

a) no internet!!
b) no hot water (and i do NOT take cold showers.)*
c) no laundry
d) no TV (and it’s top model night!)
e) no light
f) no heat
g) no refrigerator/freezer/cooking abilities. (also, there goes the top tier of our wedding cake . . . although i didn’t think it would taste good anyway after all this time. whipped cream doesn’t have that kind of shelf life).

3. due to procrastination and ignorance, i have my step 2 cs scheduled so that the score may not get back in time for me to start residency (who knew it was a requirement?? and that the scores needed more than TWO MONTHS to come back? apparently, some people, but not me). if i have to waste my vacation in july, i will . . . i don’t know. i’ll just be really, really, really upset and sad. my intern year doesn’t need to suck any more than it inevitably will anyway.

4. radiology: dark and boring

* i’ve been using the ones at the gym. don’t worry, i’m not just going around all dirty. although it would be sort of appropriate: my scent would match my mood.

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