13: ugh

May 15, 2007

between the bizarrely-lacking-in-social-graces SAT instructor who had an answer or excuse to every piece of feedback i ATTEMPTED to give her to the MALPRACTICE lawyer (prosecuting!) who tried to tell me how to take care of my patients “when i’m a doctor”, it was not a good night.


SAT-girl, no one wants to hear anymore about your catholic school experiences. really! they just don’t. and stop giving little personal vignettes at COMPLETELY inappropriate intervals, and for god’s sake, learn to take constructive criticism! GAH!

and Lionel (as in Hutts of simpson’s fame)? shove it. if you have to take a second gig at kaplan to support yourself, you have no business telling me how to do MY job. also, you’re old.

GOD! i can’t wait for my kaplan retirement. i hope i get a good pension.

(if either of you two are reading this, good. these are things i wanted to say anyway.)
((and if any of the rest of you are reading this, rest assured — i actually like you guys!))

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