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May 3, 2007

things i want to accomplish before residency
both big and small. both grand and mundane. (but mostly mundane).

cleaning: this is a separate category, because i want it done before graduation (ie, Parental Invasion!).
• bleach or replace shower curtains
• deep clean all 3 bathrooms
• vacuum floor (incuding the stairs) really well
• clear out guest room
• organize actual office (get rid of stuff we don’t want and work on eBaying old med school books)
• get rid of excess ‘office’ stuff in dining room
• deep clean floors downstairs

random things to get done
• have cable company come and fix some HD stations
• get glasses that are not ugly or 3″ thick
• hire someone to install quarter-rounds in house
• eBay/purge excess stuff in office
• set up functional filing system
• get NC driver’s license and plates (after 5 years of living here!)
• prepare for PCAT class teaching week & MCAT stuff (teaching job)
• make plan for working on spanish and start it!
• send back VW for its jillionth recall

• plan minitrip for june 1st weekend!
• shopping for some new clothes – finally. i hope.
• plan and go on college reunion roadtrip w/ vickie and emily!
• have GOTR people, peds people, josh’s UNC friends, and others over for dinners
• get some new books to read

this is, of course, along with my normal life activities, like running (training for a hopefully-fast 5K on june 23rd), teaching a lot of kaplan, and babying josh, who is really REALLY tired of being an intern.

i don’t think i’ll be bored.

PS: to anyone who looks at this and says, ‘but — you are going to be an intern! enjoy your freedom more!!!’, i have to tell you that nothing to me would be more enjoyable than an organized and clean house and life with the loose-ends tied up before starting. and i promise to get tons and tons of sleep and enjoy life. so don’t worry.

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