7: what goes up

May 8, 2007

i’d been in such a good mood lately, even with thing like the dentist and nasty chores threatening to cramp my style. today is somehow different. maybe it’s the disappearance of the sun, which had graced the area so nicely for the last few days. it could also be the fact that i’m REALLY tired of my Teacher Training job, and i’m about to start yet another cycle tonight. fortunately, it will be my last. i don’t know, but i need someone to shake me and remind me that THESE ARE MY LAST WEEKS OF FREEDOM FOR LIKE FOREVER AND I SHOULD BE LOVING IT, DAMNIT. plus, Teacher Training is the easiest job ever, and i’ve been lucky to have it.

blah. i am also down because i decided to throw an impromptu graduation brunch thing this weekend, even though i worried that everyone other than family would be busy and therefore unable to show up, leaving me feeling sheepish and alone. so far, it looks as if this may be coming true. i feel unpopular. i hate evite. and people. and brunch.

and damn, i really don’t want to go to work tonight.

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